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La MaMa
Remake a World Gala
Thurs 11/10/22


“Every human is the other human. We are one world.” - Ellen Stewart, La MaMa Founder

6:00 - Cocktails in the newly renovated 74A East 4th Street
7:00 - Dinner, Tributes, and Entertainment in the Ellen Stewart Theatre 

Thursday, November 10, 2022 La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club

Join us for a global event celebrating La MaMa's artists and audiences who are part of our One World Vision. 

Come celebrate La MaMa’s 61st anniversary as we pay tribute to artists and activists whose work has been transformative to their communities.
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Purpose (01)

    Come celebrate La MaMa’s 61 years as a creative home for artists! (We are sold out of in-person tickets, Please join us online)




  • Photo of Ping Chong by Adam Nadel
  • Photos of Ping CHong
  • photos of Ping Chong'
  • Ping Chong

    Honorary Chair

  • Ping Chong

    Honorary Chair

Honorees (01)



  • Beka Vučo

    The Balkans/United States

    for her work to support and encourage people to build a better, more just, and open democratic society in the Balkans and South Eastern Europe using arts, culture, and education through her organization My Balkans, and three decades of work with the Open Society Foundations.
  • Belarus Free Theater


    for pioneering an award-winning global model of activism that unites artistic, geopolitical, environmental and human rights concerns, using theatre to build a movement for democracy, human rights and artistic freedoms. Belarus Free Theater is the only theater in Europe banned by its government on political grounds.
  • Álvaro Restrepo


    for his passions for contemporary dance and social justice, founding Cartagena’s The School of the Body, with a unique interdisciplinary focus on respect for the body that cultivates dances while at the same time addressing topics ranging from human rights to sexuality to drug addiction.
  • Cecile Guidote-Alvarez


    for her lifetime commitment to “cultural care giving” by providing free arts training to street children, the disabled, and Indigenous youth, as Executive Director of the National Committee for Culture and Arts, and director of TWITAS at La MaMa (Third World Institute of Theatre Arts Studies). She is the moving spirit behind the UNESCO DREAM Center and the International Theater Institute Philippines.
  • Duk-Hyung Yoo

    South Korea

    for his significant contribution to the international understanding of Asian arts, his impact on arts education through his work at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and his visionary commitment to using digital and emergent technologies to explore new forms of artmaking and cultural exchange across distance, creating a global network of artists and communities; that was the seed for what would become CultureHub.
  • Serhiy Zhadan


    for his work as an internationally recognized poet and novelist, a theater maker, and a revolutionary through on-the-ground action and establishment of the Serhiy Zhadan Charitable Foundation in 2017 to provide aid to the front-lines. Zhadan was recently nominated for a Nobel Prize and currently remains in Kharkiv to provide humanitarian aid in his hometown.
  • Richard Lanier

    United States

    for his commitment to forging connections through cultural exchange over the course of his career, and his invaluable contributions to the global dialogue as president emeritus of the Asian Cultural Council and a founding trustee of the Trust for Mutual Understanding.

Purpose (01)

Join our global

community today.

Dine in the legendary Ellen Stewart Theatre as we pay tribute to seven outstanding individuals whose work as global citizens embodies La MaMa’s One World Vision

Ping Chong

Bridget Bobel McIntyre
Jacqueline Chu

Martha Clarke
Dario D’Ambrosi
André De Shields
Adrienne Kennedy
Diane Lane
Saori Tsukada and Philip Glass

Scott Asen
Page Ashley
Beyer Blinder Belle - Architects and Planners, LLP
Donald Capoccia and Tommie Pegues
Frank Carucci and David Diamond
Eugene Chai
Claudia Doring-Baez
Jane Friedman
John Fulham
Tim Fulham and Lise Olney
Robert Goldberg - Yorke Construction Corporation
Karen Hauser and Warren Leight
Cheryl Henson
Gerald Herman
Jacqueline Judd and John Papanek
Steve Malkenson
Open Society Foundations
Margaret Parker
Polly Parker and Damon Smith
Estelle Parsons
Richard Pinner and Ruth Epstein
Michael Pressel/RPO, Inc.
Irene Ramp and Buck Henry
Trust for Mutual Understanding
Luis Ubiñas and Deborah Tolman


Frank Carucci

Joan Rose
Vice President

Donald A. Capoccia

Richard Pinner

Byung Koo Ahn
Eugene Chai
Jane Friedman
Mary Fulham
Timothy W. Fulham
Matthew Hall
Steven B. Malkenson
Wynn J. Salisch
Luis A. Ubiñas
Scott Wittman
Mia Yoo
Joel Zwick


  • Mitsuko Hisao (Japan)
  • Mitsunari Sakamoto (Japan)
  • Dujung Shin (Korea)
  • Enrique Pardo (Arcadia)
  • Liz Jones (Australia)
  • Constantina Bordin (Austria)
  • Cristiane Zuan Esteves (Brasil)
  • Lenerson Polonini (Brasil)
  • Gerald Thomas (Brasil/US)
  • Petar Todorov (Bulgaria)
  • Adam Seelig (Canada)
  • Marisa Buffone (Canada)
  • Bernardo Rey (Colombia)
  • Dubravka Vrgoč (Croatia)
  • Annette Mikkelsen (Denmark)
  • Alexandros Hahalis (Greece)
  • Sofia Tsekoura (Greece)
  • Berta Lidia Chirix (Guatemala)
  • John Scott (Ireland)
  • Adriana Garbagnati (Italy)
  • Allessandro Tessitore (Italy)
  • Dario D'Ambrosi (Italy)
  • Filippo De Capitani (Italy)
  • Henriku Tarayama (Japan)
  • Mitsuko Hisao and Nagai Hatsumi (Japan)
  • Naiko Minato (Japan)
  • Aroji Otieno (Kenya)
  • Du Yee Chang (Korea)
  • Sung Yeon Park (Korea)
  • Flaka Groanci (Kosovo)
  • Sinan Kajtazi (Kosovo)
  • Abla Khoury (Lebanon)
  • Maya Zbib (Lebanon)
  • Antonio Cerezo (Mexico)
  • María Elena Anaya (Mexico)
  • Jan Klug (Netherlands)
  • M.A. Whiteside and Arno Geels (Netherlands)
  • Potri Ranka Manis (Philippines)
  • Ana Konstantinović and Željko Maksimović (Serbia)
  • Dobrila Boba Stojnic (Serbia)
  • Patrick Ssenjovu (Uganda/US)
  • Peter Case (United Kingdom)
  • Mike Figgis (United Kingdom)
  • Kim Ima and Onni Johnson(United States)
  • Linda Mussman (United States)
  • Peter Sellars (United States)
  • Robert Patrick (United States)
  • Carlos Uriona (US/Argentina)

Remake a World

Gala 2022




Toast the newly renovated 74A Building

Dine in the legendary Ellen Stewart Theatre

LaMaMa Renovated Building: 74A

Location (02)

    74A East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003 & The Ellen Stewart Theater at 66 East 4th Street (btw Bowery & 2nd Ave) New York, NY 10003

How Would You ReMake

A World?


  • Robert Patrick on How to Remake a World
  • Robert Patrick on How to Remake a World
  • Lenerson Polonini on How to Remake a World
  • video/voice

    John Andrew Morrison

  • letters

    Robert Patrick and Lenerson Polonini

  • letter

    Lenerson Polonini

Let's kick off

the 61st Season




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NOVEMBER 10, 2022

    A celebratory evening honoring artists and activists whose work has been transformative to their communities.


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